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Bad quality

I literally have only used my brush about 3-4 and the bristles just started shedding, next thing the whole top just come of! How is this even possible when the brushed are meant to be should good quality

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Hi Michelle, 

We've responded to your email privately. If you could get back to us by email at care@blankcanvascosmetics that would be great.


Hi Noelle, 

We'd love to help you with your query but your ticket/email was closed as we hadn't heard back from you in some time or received the information we needed to be able to help you with your issue. I've emailed you again directly. so if you could send us through the requested info, we will be happy to help.

Have a lovely day.


Hi Kate, we've been happy to help you with your issue by email at If you have any further issues, please contact us there.

Have a great weekend.

My F20 foundation just fell apart a few days ago..have only used it about 5 times and only got it about 5 weeks ago..I have sent a message and waiting on a reply
Hi I bought the full set of blank canvas brushes and my foundation brush shredding and came apart, I very disappointed it was such a good brush and I’ve only washed it a few times and care and attention was taken, I really hope the rest won’t do this I’m left now with the main brush no good..can u explain why this has happened?

Hi Noelle. 

We've replied to your query by email, Once you get back to us with the requested information, we will be able to advise further.

Have a lovely weekend.


Hi, I have a similar issue as the above. I emailed on Sunday and when I log on to check the ticket status, it’s saying that there are no open tickets. I have reattached photos sent in email.
Dreadful quality F06 foundation brush - with bristles being left s over my face every time I use it. Only fit for the bin after buying only a few months ago. Very unhappy about it

Hi Clare, 

We're dealing with your issue directly by email and as advised, we will be able to resolve your issue once we have received the requested information from you.


Customer Care

What information are you requesting?
I’m dealing with Deirdre at your customer care about a faulty brush that’s being returned.
I no longer have the brush, I dumped it as it fell apart after about the 3/4 th wash... but I sent you a video of it,at the time
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