My tracking number isn't working

My tracking number has no scans

My tracking number is broken

When your order is packed in our fulfilment centre Autofulfil,

  1. You're given a tracking number.
  2. You'll receive an email from us, notifying you that we have shipped your parcel via Autofulfil
  3. Your tracking number will not contain any information until it's handed over to DPD. This generally will happen in the evening of dispatch. 


  1. Once it's picked up by DPD, it gets it's first scan. This means you are in DPD's delivery system. 
  2. From the first scan, you'll be able to see updates on your delivery. 
  3. Simply click the tab" Manage Delivery" on your email notification.   

Manage Delivery

You can:

  1. Arrange to pick up at any of DPD's 600 pick up points nationwide. See here: 
  2. Change delivery details
  3. Arrange permissions to leave with a neighbour etc..

On the day of delivery

You should receive an email and/or text message with details of your delivery such as

 example " Your parcel number xxxxxxxxxxx will be delivered between 1.15pm-2.15pm today by Joe, your driver. 

Not going to be at home?  Just click below to manage your delivery" 

Please note: The quicker you act to change delivery details, the more possible it is. If it's left too close to delivery time, it may not be possible. 

See the attachments below