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Unhappy Customer

Hi Guys I Sent an email regarding my Pink foundation brush (Flat Top Pink Kabuki) I cannot use as black hairs come out when I use to put on my foundation. I have other of your brushes and these are fine. But I am very disappointed in this product which I only bought a few months back giving it a try after always using a MAC foundation brush. Regards Elly

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Hi I have emailed ye about the F20 brush it is unusable as the hairs are coming out and it was only bought at the show i also got more brushes at the show and they are fine. 


this is a picture oh the brush at the weekend when doing wedding make up the same thing happened the other brush i got at the show started shedding hairs really un happy

brush 3.jpg
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I have the same problem my foundation brush, cannot not use it as the hairs keep coming out all over my face :(
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